Saturday, May 6, 2017


This is a channeled message from Archangel Raziel who came through in a descending column of vibrating ivory light waves when invited.  Quick, yet needed to be asked, and was fully moving through me as me.  

Raziel is the Angel of Mysteries.

What are my secrets?  No one else can tell me...  even the well meaning.  Only I can rediscover them.  I already know I'm just remembering.  Write from beneath.  Write from in the Secret.  This is your wealth.  This your being.  This is your blessing.

Do not give it away (you never really can).  Rather, cherish it [my Secret] and live it out in every moment as yourself.

You will never mess up... only Learn.

ღ Heather Henry as a channel of Archangel Raziel

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Transfiguration: The Piercing of Light

This is a channeled messaged from a multitude of guides identifying themselves as The Beings of Joy of Existence.  I used a multi faceted quartz crystal resting on my crown to transmit the energy and invited the Violet Flame to work through me.  


I am on a plane of existence where anything is possible.  Clean house.  You are the house.  [The] external will be revealed as you reveal yourself internally.  Let go, Let light, Let there be light.

Let the light pierce you.

•ʚįɞ• Heather Henry as a channel for The Beings of Joy of Existence

Side note ~ It has not rained here in Daytona Beach for many weeks, and it is pouring during this picture.  Refresh!  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Buttercup: Chin Up!

I recently received a very personal channeled message from the flower Buttercup that rather then writing as a channel I will describe as a message.  

As I was connecting to Spirit a warming, peaceful yellow light appeared before me and then when invited began to meld into my energy field and through me.  Buttercup stood erect and tall as a  column of gentle, spinning, yellow light moving through my physical and energetic vessel.   

Buttercup brought soft memories of childhood with her.  As children we are at our most innocent time here on Earth (This is a place we can as Adults live too!).  Buttercup reminds us: "Touch to your heart's desires and remember your innocence."  This gateway is not through your mental thoughts.  Rather, it is accessing your Soul through your heart space.  This is the doorway to your Soul's desires. At our core we are pure energy.

Use a memory of childhood that is your favorite.  Gain this memory by breathing yellow light into your heart.  If it helps, view a picture of Buttercups.

Use the following description to envision yourself if you are having trouble finding a soft childhood memory.  A young girl is playing in the backyard just before the edge of the woods.  This young girl was picking buttercups and holding them under her chin.  Her brother and her often played this folklore game with buttercups.  If you saw yellow reflected under the chin of the other holding the buttercup they liked butter.  :)

This memory allowed me to access a very personal message about my Soul's true desires around Money... an often frustrating topic of conversation.  What occurred was I allowed myself to be uncomfortable in the presence of what felt like a solid, cream colored block before me.  Though my mind tried to judge I was blessed several times with the ability to return to my heart from my uncomfortable mindset until I felt my presence dive deeper.  It actually felt as if I slid under the cream colored block.

Next thing I knew I was talking out loud to beautiful Money.  The words channeling through me were of welcome to divine Abundance and beautiful Money as a partnership to assist me in my Soul's work  so I may attract her to share my divine gifts to help the World.

Voila!!  Money is not a slave to us (and we are not slaves to her) when we find our balanced footing with her beautiful essence and energy.  Thus, Money (one of the tangible / physical gifts of Abundance) becomes a partner with us in our Soul's work.

As I flowed within this new energy I was given the color Gold to reenforce this new partnership with beautiful Money.  Know Money is another energy, just like you and I.  You can choose to be in strife, feel undeserving, or fear Money or you can choose to be in partnership with her and ALLOW her to flow into your life.

Buttercup's message reminds us to access our own divine innocence and drink from her golden chalice of Abundance.

Chin up, Buttercup!

༺༻ Divine message work brought to you by Heather Henry

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rainbow: A Message From Azriel

This is a channeled message from a guide who identified himself as a Star Being named Azriel.  He appeared as a rainbow column, and then showed me a green meadow that turned into expansive bands of light. 

When I asked what he wanted to convey Azriel said, "The colors of the Rainbow are synonymous with how to heal your heart.  This is the filter to the World of Balance."  

After the following channeled words I then asked Azriel how is this helpful?  Azriel replied, "This [when you experience the colors / life this way] is how you know you have transcended.  Now teach.  I am the Rainbow.  I am the Bounty."  

Azriel is Old Hebrew for "The Help Of God".

Red: Root; Blood; The essence of who you are
Orange: Fruitfulness; Birth; Accuracy of truthfulness
Yellow: Bright sunshine of emotions; Self transformation of body; Cellular health
Green: Bud of self; Unconditional capacity of Love for all that is
Blue: Clear communication across all time and all environments
Indigo: Divine insight connected to Heart, Projection of beauty
Violet: Authentic knowing; Living the remembrance of your divinity and innocence

☆ Heather Henry as a channel for Azriel